The work is not about the result, but the process. In the beginning I cannot palpably imagine the outcome.

My name is Andrea and art has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. 

What did I study?
I graduated from printmaking and graphic design, got bachelor degree in illustration and now I study the Intermedia.

What materials do you usually use?
My most often preferred media apart from the paper are fabrics and threads that I combine with varied materials. I am fascinated by conceptualisation, work with surfaces and structures.
I progress from technique to technique, combining the pencil, needle, gypsum,
canvas and the paints – all of the tools are close to me.

And what about the concept? What do you reflect?
My work (still) has an illustrative character with elements of sarcasm and irony wherein I often mirror my (variegated) moods and my outlook on life and our society.