Phenav Tumenge Jek Vicco/Let Me Tell Ya’ll A Joke


In the video art piece, the artist provides insights into the complexities of Romani culture, Romani identity, and the intricate social dynamics that underpin the community. The artwork establishes narrative tension by incorporating a renowned Romani joke: "Two Roma are arguing who is the bigger Roma," shedding light on the constant struggle for supremacy and the tensions arising from comparisons and confrontations within the community. This work delves into some of the most compelling incidents, highlighting the intricacies of Romani identity and social dynamics. The artist strives to establish an authentic and intimate dialogue with Romani culture, fostering a personal connection through the exclusive use of the Romani language (Romanes, South-West Slovakian Romungro dialect) within the artwork. Through this approach, the artist aims to engage the Romani community in a personal dialogue, addressing the persisting hostility and urging for greater openness to the world regarding their challenges and issues.