Curiculum Vitae

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I am an Erasmus student and this kind of work is very new to me.


Artist Statement

My Fridge is a fun project to share clips and videos with the world. Making that kind of installation is my first try,

but I am happy that it worked out.

The Fridge, is a popular household appliance that is used, to cool food and by that, conserve it.
This Fridge does almost the same, but with memories. It contains a screen that seem to show
completely random videos. But all the videos that are shown have a great value to the person who
came up with this installation.
The shown videos are part, self made short clips representative of the time spent in Bratislava and
part videos out of Youtube that the creators wants to share it in this unconventional way.
Enjoy a new unknown, every time you open it and slam the door, if you just don´t want to see...