Artist Statement

I am a Bratislava born artist, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where after a brief time of studying mathematics, I finished my doctorate thesis on the relationship of fiction and material reality. I work with a wide array of media, usually with the aim of bending reality to unexpected angles, whilst something new can be discovered. An alternative storytelling that represents all kinds of minorities – animal, cultural, human, things or silence. I believe art has the mission of borrowing a voice to those entities, that appear to have lost it, are without one, or are silenced by a dominant world interpretation.

In my earlier artist practice I have been seeking fusion of my interests in historical narratives, in musical and textual composition and their use as a contemporary art medium. I began my research of the metaphoric in this sense of merging and layering story fragments, text and music. Eventually I called them operas, since the resemblance in structure. My videos are usually based on a historic text and are accompanied with composed music. The scores would allow live performance even, or staging as a theatre piece. I believed in commanding myself in all the roles, the designer, the composer, the playwright, the director and the actor.

The birth of the tragedy is in 1969 on the moon. Pluto the used-to-be planet becomes an Ibsen character. Truman Capote’s characters walk in Bratislava. Voldemort is unveiled when a child cries, the emperor is naked.